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Breaking in is a horse's first experience which makes it unquestionably essential. Establishing mutual trust is the essential element for the smooth running of the work and the success of the horse.


At Haras de la Chesnaye, we establish a mutual respect with the animal, an experienced staff will work with love and passion that are inherent to success. When breaking in, you have to know how to be firm and calm, without attacking, discouraging or traumatizing the horse. The process is done in a "two days in stages", the horse goes from boxing to the roundabout, between work of lunge and overeating in infrastructures guaranteeing safety. Then there is a work of mouth and work of coordination.


Once confidence established, the horse is operational and radically ready to take the next step.

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Get back in shape

At Haras de la Chesnaye, well-being is at the heart of the development process and synonymous with performance. For many years, physical and mental fitness has been a fundamental pillar of our production strategy. It is therefore natural that we offer in a peaceful and green setting a parenthesis for horses in need.

Muscle loss, injury, overweight or illness, a complete diagnosis is established by our teams in order to set up an adapted program. The combination of exercise sessions, rest in the paddock or even adequate food are all elements that make it possible to obtain a lasting return to shape for your protege.


From the start of activities or after getting back into shape, it is imperative to go through a pre-training phase. The goal is not to focus on speed but on technique, the first comes naturally if the second is well executed.

We study the strengths and weaknesses in order to carry out a skills assessment. The horse soaks up the peaceful atmosphere of the stud farm, at the same time and in a rigorous manner, physical and mental preparation is carried out. Muscles, breath and cardio are solicited, it is a fundamental work combining sustained rhythm and relaxation. It is at the same time an instruction phase but also a moment to consolidate the achievements.


This service concerns horses intended for jumping, trotting or galloping. Close collaboration with the coach is the key to success. The thoroughbred leaves the stud in the best form, toned and balanced, ready to face the world of racing.

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The racing infrastructure of the stud has been specially designed to offer the best response to the needs of horses and jockey. Dynamic and fluid, this welcoming place combines tradition and modernity to make progression more intuitive and lasting restorative.


Are accessible to the practice Racing:

  • 24 boxes (4x3.5)

  • A 500m gallop track with slope

  • A covered loin ring

  • A covered 6 horse walker

  • 8 outdoor paddocks

  • Cement sand bridle paths

  • 2 upholstery

  • 1 laundry room

  • Grooming rooms and shower rooms

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